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In NORTEM® we Supply a broad range of Modern Architectural Cladding Products on top of Professional Installation Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects in the Greater Toronto Area, CANADA. Project Specific Custom-Made Solutions, Metal Cladding Systems, ALPOLIC ACM Sheets, Rain-screen Railing Systems, Cladding Fasteners & Clips. Check out our collection of modern siding supplies below:

Metal Cladding is a class of rain-screen system that protects the exterior wall while boosting the facade of the building. This type of rain-screen system is allowed in ventilated and semi-ventilated cladding system. There are a broad range of solutions and materials available in NORTEM. You can see the main categories as followed. If you require additional technical information, feel free to contact us.

Using today’s new construction techniques, architectural metal cladding is here to help you turn a traditional office space into a contemporary environment ready to speed business toward the future. At NORTEM we produce a wide selection of aluminum plate, cassettes, and metal cladding that provide a brilliant exterior finish in a range of colors and textures that match your vision. Create bold blocks or sinuous curves across the exterior updating an aging facade or introducing a new spot in town. For your high-rise project, metal cladding will capture the sunlight while resisting corrosion and stand proud among the city’s skyscrapers.

Order your panels in a unified color or mix and match for a geometric and contemporary look. Aluminum resists dents, warping, and is lightweight, which helps you lower the overall cost using a readily recyclable product. Give us a call to inquire about delivery and availability of our architectural metal cladding products today.

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We Supply, Design and Manufacture High-Quality Aluminum Composite Panels, also known as ACM Panels OR ACP in Toronto. Click to read more about this amazing solution for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The Cassette Panel System is one of the best sustainable metal cladding products that we manufacture in NORTEM. This solution can be applied from low-rise residential to high-rise buildings.

Aluminum Plate Panels are just another sustainable paneling system available in numerous colors and finishes and are the material of choice for flat cladding systems for mid-rise to high-rise buildings.

The profiles are available in various depths and wall thicknesses, and are ideal for high structures and the creation of a large glazed area look. The threaded tube system is ideal for special glass types.

Concrete panels are a breathable siding material with all its in-homogeneous surfaces and cloudy appearances. Today it is a favorable material among modern architects. 

Very popular among architects, Nortem’s 7/8” Corrugated profile features panels with exposed fasteners and no hard lines, resulting in a highly consistent appearance.

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