- Panels up to 60” total width and 192” total length

- Panel Thickness:  3mm, 4mm & 6mm (4mm plus core only)
There are different widths from 7” to 12” and lengths sizes from 8’ to 16' long is available within Nortem Cassette Panel.
 No! Nortem also supplies its Cassette Panels in Corten Steel and Copper. Plus we supply commercial insulated panel for the application of roof and wall.
 Yes it can! Simple provision of “Z-Girts” can accommodate any specified insulation board. Depending on the required R-Value, thicker or thinner rigid insulation can be used. A 1.5” thick insulation board can generate up to R-10 in heat flow resistance value.
A  wet system uses backer rods and sealants between panels. A dry system uses male and female extrusions with no sealants or gaskets.
 For new construction, Z bar substructure system can be directly installed on concrete, concrete blocks, plywood, and ICF walls. In case of renovating older buildings, both products can also be directly installed on top of previously finished walls such as brick, stucco, metal sidings or even wood material, as long as the wall is structurally sound and properly levelled.
Nortem wall cladding keeps the structural frame of the building absolutely dry.
The significance behind the name “Cassette Panel” comes from the functionality of the panels in terms of it's interlocking mechanism that enables one panel’s tongue to slide into the groove of the next. This functionality not only allows a secure grip between the panels but also helps align panels in a consistent flush position from the top to bottom.
 Currently Nortem supplies 24 different shades of colours as standard available immediately in any quantity. Nortem however can produce any of the 500 standard colours available within Euramax’s  (Netherlands origin company) spectrum of paint, with a minimum order requirement. The lead time to supply those extra colours is between 6 to 8 weeks.
Choice with depend on the desgin concept, the budget and architecture constraints. Our technical experts are there to help.
There are prefabricated accessories that fit perfectly into wall panelling in matching or contrasting wall colours.
 For interior cladding the process is simple and streamlined. As long as the concept of levelling of the substrate is understood by the installer. But installing other exterior product need a professional and certified team.
 Yes, also Nortem can recommend certified installers who would guarantee the quality of installation and workmanship. For customers who have their own installers or contractors, Nortem will provide a crash course to ensure proper installation.
Delivery times vary by product type and method of delivery. Typically, it takes 3 to 6 weeks after deposit issued.
Simply remove the panels either from the top or bottom till you reach the one panel that requires replacing.
The chart below shows the varying levels of performance that a product must meet during the burn tests in order to score well:


Class Rating

A 0-25

B 26-75

C 76-200

D 201-500

E over 500

US building code officials recognize the ASTM E 84 rating system as the standard method for testing against flame spread.  A Class “A” is the highest rating a product can score when tested under this testing method.